Canopy pioneered modern loan servicing with an API that empowers individuals and organizations to reach their full potential through financial products that are personalized, transparent, and safer.

Our outsized impact on the financial services industry is directly related to our commitment to diversity and inclusion. Legacy software companies not only built software that was costly to implement, hard to use, and inflexible — they also were inherently hostile to diversity and inclusion.

We are committed to doing better.

Our accelerated growth is the result of our diverse backgrounds — our differing experiences of affluency/poverty, our physical, racial, ethnic, and neurological diversity, and the many perspectives we bring to the table based on our unique individual and family histories.

As we grow, Canopy evaluates new hires based on their skills, domain knowledge, and experience. We are looking for team members who will move our company forward and who share our values and commitment to diversity and inclusion.

This means we seek employees who will share their perspectives, even when those views are different from the ideas and beliefs of other members of the team, and we challenge ourselves to live with the discomfort that can result from honest interaction.

At Canopy, it is better to be awkward, honest, and empathetic than to be right. We believe we can all be better, and we strive to do that every day. This applies to building our product, supporting our clients, and making diversity and inclusion the default rather than the exception.