Pricing that Scales.

Our pricing model works for all sizes of businesses. Pricing for production use is based on attributes such as the number of users, the number of products, the number of API calls, and assets under management. We also offer specific custom packages that take into account unique business cases. Volume discounts are available.


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  • Sandbox environment access
  • Create products
  • Create accounts & customers
  • Test policies per-account
  • Calculate interest and payments
  • Retroactively reprocess payments
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Perfect for early-stage fintechs

  • FREE tier plus:
  • Production environment access
  • Report to banks, credit bureaus and collection agencies
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Custom pricing & Support at scale

  • SELF-SERVE tier plus:
  • Dedicated support team
  • Dedicated operational support
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Canopy Platform —
What’s Included

Our flexible pricing enables small Fintechs and large enterprises to launch a near-infinite variety of credit, debit, and lending products.

Product constructs

  • Debit
  • Revolving
  • Installment
  • Mixed-rate installment
  • Deferred installment
  • Fixed-rate installment

Customize policies

  • Due policies
  • Late fees
  • Consecutive late fees
  • Payment pouring
  • Surcharge fees
  • Billing cycles
  • Product time zones
  • Interest calculations
  • Credit limits
  • Payment reversal fees
  • Promotional periods & interest
  • Optional lower bound APR
  • Optional upper bound APR

Personalize & tailor

  • Apply policies per-account
  • Empower customer service agents with real-time account information
  • Automate dispute processing
  • Retroactively reprocess accounts and recalculate interest and apply payments

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