Canopy is made for Installment Loans

Create an installment lending solution for any industry with multiple program variations.

Canopy Product Constructs

CanopyOSAn Operating System for Redefining Loan Management

  • Supports risk-based scoring
  • Deferred interest capabilities
  • Define promo periods

Canopy‘s servicing platform provides your operations and CSR teams with the tools to quickly access and edit account information, including status, balances, transaction history, servicing history, statements, and other key account data.

Loan Servicing Designed for Any Industry

A flexible construct designed perfectly for both point-of-sale and online lenders. Whether it's home improvement, general health care or other opportunities, Canopy allows you to design a suite of products to accommodate both lender and distribution partner needs.

SaaS platforms
Business loans
Gig economy
And more...

Canopy is Community

We understand the importance of community and real-time communication. We build real relationships with our clients and cherish our growing community.


How can existing data be migrated?
Does Canopy support converting a revolving product into a term loan product?
Can Canopy support payment processing?
Does Canopy integrate with Customer Support platforms like Zendesk or Freshdesk?
Does Canopy support webhooks?

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