Live Panel RecordingHow to Be Innovative & Compliant in Lending

 ·  By The Canopy Team

There's been a major wave of innovation in lending throughout 2023, with heavy hitters like Apple Pay Later and Amazon Prime entering the market.

For this reason, it’s surprising that loan servicing, which makes up 90% of the life of a loan, has yet to see significant personalization.

In this live panel recording, Matt Bivons, CEO of Canopy, was joined by Mike Weinbach, former CEO of Wells Fargo Consumer Lending and former CEO of Chase Home Lending, Taten Soltis, Vice President of Operations at Affirm, and Thomas Curran, Chief Risk and Compliance Officer, Upgrade to discuss the future of embedded lending.

In this chat moderated by Fintech Nexus, they discuss:

  • What's key to building personalized embedded lending products

  • The "lines of defense" necessary to bring a new product to market

  • How to deliver a memorable experience to the end customer

  • Ways to achieve innovation without sacrificing compliance

Watch the Full Panel Discussion

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