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A Modern Core — and More

Make targeted and personalized loans with built-in automations and a full suite of APIs. With Canopy’s platform, everything from account setup and payment processing to credit bureau and bank reporting is easier.

Multi-product capable

Manage credit, debit, and installment loans in a single platform.

Real-time processing

Bid farewell to batch processing. Calculate interest owed as payments are made.

Account-level policies

Set interest rates, billing cycles, promotions, and fees per product and per customer.

Callback automations

Send payment reminders, notify customers of promotions, waive fees, and more with webhooks.

Disputes & reversals

Retroactively process disputed payments, re-pour payments, and re-calculate interest.

Real-time statements

Review account status and generate live statements in virtual form and PDF.

A New Era for Financial Products

We built Canopy after experiencing the constraints of legacy systems firsthand. Our vision was a secure and compliant platform that could support custom product constructs with flexible building blocks for an array of use cases.

CanopyOS An Operating System for Redefining Loan Management

  • Automated dispute processing
  • Dynamic, retroactive events
  • An immutable ledger

Existing systems couldn’t handle real-time calculations or process events retroactively. We fixed that with a system that can handle dispute processing and capture account changes whether they occur today or back in time.

CanopyAPI Flexible APIs for Loan Servicing

  • Unify product data
  • Unique policies per account
  • Build automations & reports

Servicing loans and other credit products has typically occurred in multiple systems. We increase delight and decrease cost by eliminating fragmentation. Access all your data through a single interface.

Built for Developers First

As developers ourselves, we wanted to build a great platform — one we would want to use — with well-documented, easy-to-use APIs that maximize flexibility and correctness.

Developer Get Started Guide

Advanced Security with Built-in Compliance

Canopy’s deep commitment to data privacy and security informed the design of our platform from day one and is demonstrated by our rigorous operational controls.

Regulatory compliance

Our attestations, embedded automations, and 100% playback of all borrower activity help ensure your compliance.

A fortress by design

Security principles are incorporated into the fundamental design of our platform.

Data protection

Data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Client data is segregated and access is strictly controlled.

The Canopy Ecosystem

Canopy fits into an ecosystem built to modernize debit cards and money transfer. By plugging in to best-of-breed technology partners we provide end-to-end solutions for financial products of all kinds.

Canopy Integrations

Continuous Learning

The Canopy Learning Center is where we help customers get to know our product, and we share what we have learned about our industry. We believe the more we learn and the more we share, the better our platform and your products will be.

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