Modern Servicing Infrastructure for scaling FinTechs

Canopy offers a plug and play system of record for companies who want to launch lending products quickly and reliably.
Flexible Account Servicing
Our platform enables FinTechs to innovate on new financial products by allowing ultimate flexibility in account servicing.
Whether you are building a revolving line of credit, installment loan, debit account or all three, Canopy provides:
Launch new revenue products faster
  • Stop using servicing systems built on mainframes in 1970.
  • Easily build credit and lending products at account or transaction level.
  • Canopy takes all the complexity so you don't get higher call volume from inaccurate statements or balances.
Flexible, Modern APIs and Clean Documentation
  • Easily make changes to accounts in real-time through the Canopy API or UI.
  • Iterate on APR ranges, terms and promotion windows to build unique lending products for each cohort of customers.
  • Build products directly in our API or UI. No more statements of work for simple changes.
Create Servicing Features that Customers Actually Want
To Launch with Canopy...