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Building credit, debit, or next-gen lending products? Canopy's API-first platform allows you to embed financial products, go to market quickly, and service borrowers in a secure, compliant way.

Dramatically cut your time to launch new lending products.

"Canopy makes launching credit products fast and easy. If you want to create an innovative product, it’s actually quite difficult if you go at it alone. Canopy was critical in converting AdCard from a debit card to a charge card."

Zack Johnson - FunnelDash
Zach Johnson
Founder, dash.fi

Whether you're offering personal or business loans, payment cards, or BNPL, Canopy has you covered.

Immutable Ledger

Track every change to your ledger, run real-time calculations, and explore dynamic, retroactive events.

Low code integrations

Built to support modern payment cards, so you can streamline issuing, payment processing, and servicing in one platform.

Personalized Service

Increase customer service productivity and borrower trust with automations that allow your organization to deliver personalized assistance.

Modern Lenders Choose Canopy

Hear from David Anderson of Tandym and Matt Lekawa of NaluPay on why they chose Canopy to support their long-term lending vision.

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