We believe financial products should be personal, transparent, and safe.

Canopy is the most flexible platform to build and launch better debit, credit, and lending products and support them with world-class service in a secure and compliant way.

Canopy Team

Our values are our core. They guide how we design, build, and serve our clients.

Always learning

We can all do better. We strive to improve without getting defensive. As we grow, we “give away our legos” and empower teammates with ownership and responsibility.


The important thing is to begin, get feedback, and iterate. We define a problem, hypothesize a cause or solution, and conduct experiments to test each hypothesis.


We think about how the actions we take affect our clients and their customers. We check in on teammates and make room for different or contrasting viewpoints.

Open, transparent & kind

We hold that it is better to be awkward and honest about our mistakes, and to give and receive empathy, rather than taking another course. We strive to be open, even redundant.


Creativity is our fuel. One of the biggest ways we replenish it is by finding and celebrating things that are working well that otherwise might not have been noticed.


We start each day/week/quarter/year with an intention. We follow through and follow up and invest in ourselves. We keep commitments.

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We are looking for humble, creative thinkers with a fresh perspective. If you are equally inspired by our mission and the opportunity to work together to build a values-centered company, please apply.

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